Frequently asked questions

Lion - Kindergarten

Our Lion Cub program has exciting indoor and outdoor activities specifically designed for kindergarten boys and their parents. Lion Cubs were officially introduced to the entire nation in the Fall of 2016 as the newest level of Cub Scouting. LMES Pack 15 was chosen for a pilot program which began and has continued on a successful note.

Tiger - 1st Grade

Boys will earn the Bobcat Badge and begin working on the Tiger Cub rank. After earning Bobcat, a boy must do the following to earn the Tiger Cub totem: Learn the Cub Scout Motto Learn the Cub Scout Sign Learn the Cub Scout Salute Then, in order to earn the Tiger Cub rank badge he must complete a Family Activity, a Den Activity, and a Go See It Activity in each of the five achievement areas. After completing the Tiger Cub rank, Tiger Cub Scouts can work on electives and arrow points as they ready themselves for Wolf Cubs.

Wolf - 2nd Grade

As the boys begin to move up the ranks they start gaining self-confidence as a young scout. They are starting to get the idea of how hard work pays off and are being recognized for their achievements. Parents are still very involved in the process of scouting still but are beginning to lay the groundwork of scouts being self-sufficient.

Bear - 3rd Grade

Bear Cubs are in the final stretch of the Cub Program. The Bears start to become more and more self-sufficient and begin taking matters into their own hands. The Bear trail promotes more decision making, challenges, and options for the scout as he earns the Bear Ranking. Bear Scouts are at the top of the Cub Scout Chain and are preparing for the Loyal Scout Program otherwise know as WEBELOS.

Webelo One - 4th Grade

This program is spread out over two years, 4th and 5th grades. Often the program is referred to as the “One” and “Two” programs but are both in and of the same. The Scout is now entering the beginning of the Boy Scout program and is encouraged to do most of the projects on his own. We'll be loyal scouts. The WEBELO program promotes the Scout to be much more of an independent thinker as the trail to Boy Scouting has many options and goals. Den Leaders will sit with the Scouts and have them choose the goals and accomplishments that they want to achieve.

Webelo Two - 5th Grade

The final Frontier for Cub Scouting! The Second year of WEBELOS finishes with the Arrow of Light award. This means that the Scout is ready to move on to Boy Scouting and has completed the Cub Scout program in its entirety. At the end of the season, these boys are featured in the Blue and Gold banquet and cross over the bridge to the next level of challenges that Boy Scouting presents.

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